Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Finally Project Life Worthy pics

I love Project Life. It allows me to record my day to matter how mundane. But even after living in the same house for years,  I have come to realize that my daily routine has changed so dramatically since that first day here.  I want to remember the way it use to be. I want to be able to share with my grandchildren what this house use to look like...better yet, have them judge the old fashion decor that for the time being is fresh and new.

I am a story teller by nature.  Perhaps that is why I blog.  I blog because I see a story in everything.  Unfortunately, what I see in my head doesn't always translate well in pictures.  According to my pictures, my world has dark shadows, is blurred and always tilted to the left or right.  At times it even seems washed out. I thought buying a new camera would help. And it did to some degree. My world isn't so yellow anymore.  But my pictures were still at best.

So when my daughter asked me to take pictures for her and her boyfriend before prom, well I panicked.  This young man was celebrating his Senior prom and they wanted me to capture that moment in his life. I had seen his Senior pictures and they were, they were better than great. They were amazing.  So when she asked me, I immediately said, "Sure. No problem.  I would love to do it."  with much confidence and no hesitation.  I  had 24  hours to come up with a place and poses.   Again I say thank goodness for Pinterest. I searched Prom, which by the way, will pull up a bunch of celebrity prom pictures.  So after about an hour of looking at their pictures and laughing, I finally searched up prom poses and made mental notes.  And then when I got to Pine Gully Park, a park off the water about 2 minutes from my house, I forgot all that I saw and just winged it.  The only pose I do remember is the one with someone in front and the other in back. (By the way, if you have a DSLR and you don't have a nifty fifty...get one)

I think for once in my Project Life scrapping I will have pictures that reflect the story I see in my head.  I really can't wait to put these in my album.

So this is what my world normally looks like through they eye of the camera:
Awkward picture in front of door

Bit blurry and dark
Then I took a deep breath and calmed my nerves and took some more pictures.  We had to hurry because the sun was setting..well hurry as fast as a girl can go in stilettos in the grass or across a pier.

the gentle kiss on the forehead, he is a good guy in our eyes

One of the poses from Pinterest...and yes he has a funny personality

Asked them both to pose, funny that they look similar

For this moment he is her world

So my story for prom is how it is a magical moment in one's life.  How what we wear speaks volumes about the fashion of your generation.  How that special person in our life at that time seems like the world. That many have their first loves in high school.  The funny pose is a reflection of their lightheartedness towards each other   And the kiss on the forehead speaks volumes about how this young man has been nothing but a gentleman and how he was the first person to court my daughter.  So for this moment, this is her world.

Friday, March 8, 2013

How to Host a Crop

In the world of scrapbook crops, the people attending are made of two separate, but equally important groups, the attendees and the hostess. This is their story. ( Cue the Law and Order theme music)

Last weekend I did what I would have considered unthinkable about two months ago. I opened my home to people and hosted my first scrapbook crop. Up until now, the only crops I ever hosted were at the library. That seemed like a piece of cake. Book the room, set up when the library opens and start cleaning up 45 minutes before the library closed. They had the tables, the chairs and the announcement on their calendar. All I had to do was show up with my bags. It was a pretty easy gig. But then something happened. All of a sudden, no one was showing up. People were RSVPing yes but not coming. After a few crops with zero turn out, the library said we couldn’t book the room anymore. So it was moved to the local scrapbook store. But even that one was getting a low turnout. It seemed our scrapbook group was dying a slow death. Even the activity at was down.

That is until it came time to pay the 6 month dues again. All of a sudden I was receiving emails from stating we were going to be dismantled unless someone stepped up. Every time I received one of those emails, I just opened it and shook my head. I would glance at the email, shake my head and say “that’s a shame.” And then hours before we were going to be shut down, my brain lost control of my hand and before I knew it, I paid the dues and was assigned as organizer. It was at that point I panicked. What the heck did I do that for? What was I thinking? Why would I pay to keep a group going when the group had no where to meet and I did not know how to look for a place?

If I wanted to get my money’s worth for the dues, I would have to host a crop…somewhere. Prior to this moment, I never considered having a crop in my home. I had tons of excuses for not inviting people over. My home was not ready for public viewing. The walls were not painted the “right” color. The blinds in the living room were ratty and the curtains were non existent. The carpet needed to be removed and replaced with hardwood in the bedrooms and hallway. The walls were naked and lacked frames or some sort of decor. My kitchen longed for stainless steel and granite countertops. No, I had to protect her. I couldn't let her be seen like this. She wasn't ready.

But, in my eyes, she will never be ready. And I had to face the reality that if I didn’t want that due money to go to waste, then I had to invite people into my home. Hopefully I can share some ideas here that will help you with your crop.

First thing is to relax. You are hosting a crop and not on a Home Tour. People are coming to scrap and not to get decor tips. When it comes to your home and the state that it is in right now, just make sure it is clean. Well make sure the the areas you will be using are clean. (My bedroom was a disaster during my crop. I shoved everything that didn't belong at the crop into my room.) Don't buy new curtains, bathroom accessories or any home decor items for that matter. Trust me, once you set up for the crop, all of the little things you bought are just background noise and won't take center stage at the crop. So , if you have the room in your home to host a crop, take advantage of the convenience for you and open your home. And besides, it saves you the hassle of packing up and taking your stuff to another location or trying to explain why it is not central to everyone invited. People are not going to expect you to move so that the crop is in a centralized location. They will just be glad you invited them to the crop. Ok, if I haven't convinced you to host it at your place then read the section titled Venue to help you decide on another location.

SET DATE AND TIME Everyone is busy and so are you. If you ask those you are going to invite, what day they would prefer for a crop then you will probably get several different answers. Pick a date (or several), time and duration of the crop that first meets your needs. Then review your choices to make sure you are not stumbling over any important holidays. For example, Easter Sunday is probably not a good idea. People like to spend that day with family. However, Superbowl Sunday can be a great day. Some women don't like football and their husband's love it. He watches the game with his friends and she scraps with her friends. It is the best of both worlds. Just make sure whatever date you pick that you give people enough time to prepare for it. I try to give at least a month notice. This gives people time to move things around, put it on the books before anything else comes up or find a babysitter. As for duration, people prefer for a crop to last more than eight hours. Most scrappers do not travel light. You want to make it worth the effort to pack up all their things and haul it to your event.

VENUE Decide if you want to have it in your home or somewhere else. If you decide to do it away from home, you may have to be flexible on your dates because you will need to see what the venue has available. Libraries, churches, and community centers may offer free or low cost rooms. Guestimate how many people you believe are coming, determine how many tables you need (see next point) and make sure the venue has enough space. Whatever you choose try to make it central to your guests, especially if it is a one day event. Find out if they have tables and chairs available and if so, is there an extra cost for them. Do you have to set them up and/or take them down? When can you go in to set up? If there are several outlets throughout the room, ask if you can use them or if there is a fee? Is there a place to keep food cold/warm? What are the hours of availability? Is there good lighting?

SET UP Table space Whether you have this at your home or another venue, real estate is important. I try to give people at least 3'x3' of table room. The way I see it, a layout is 12" or 1' square foot. Your guests will need some room for their tools and to actually work on items for their layout. And if they are working on a double page spread, well there goes all their room if the space is any smaller. You don’t want your guests to feel like sardines for 8 hours or more. If the chairs don't look comfy then you may want to suggest to your guest to bring some cushion for their tushy. I also go to the dollar store and buy white table covers. Watch the sizes. You may not need one for each table. They are pretty big. But the table cover will help protect your table and also give your guests a nice light, neutral background for their workspace. I would stick with white table covers. Colored covers may be distracting to a scrapper. Just imagine scrapping at a pink /blue/green desk at home. I also put a small brown lunch bag on the table in front of every chair. Guests can use it for their trash/scraps. Some may come with scrap-a–ma-bobs but not everyone has one of those.

FLOOR SPACE Scrappers are not light packers. Let’s face it, we are teetering on being hoarders. And for those who attend crops, well we are hoarders on the go. But I like what Ikea says about hoarding, “If it’s organized, it’s not hoarding.” Sure you may have a one show up at the crop with one bag over the shoulder and a dish of food in their hand, but they are a rare species. With 88 members in our meetup, I have only seen it once or twice. Usually we carry so much stuff that it takes several people several trips to a car to get one person’s bags out of their car. So make sure to try to leave people enough space to wheel their bags to their spot and enough room to park their stuff near them. I gave them 2 1/2 ' by 3' (the width of their workspace) to put their stuff and chair. That was the minimum. I actually gave them more room because I strategically placed the tables so that tables were facing eachother rather than back to back. This required less floor space and people could chat with people across from them and beside them.

FOOD/BEVERAGE It is nice if you can have snacks close by but not so close that if someone has an accident it will spill on someone close by that is scrapping. If you have the room, have a separate eating area (especially at long crops where they may actually eat lunch and dinner), then your guests won't have to worry about dropping something in their own work area or (gasp) in their neighbor's work area. Try to make it finger foods and offer a variety. Or if it a potluck you can offer people to sign up under certain categories of food (desserts, drinks, breads, fruits and vegetables, small snacks, utensils and table ware) or just keep a close eye on what people say they are going to be so that you can make adjustments. There is nothing worse than having twelve people show up with cupcakes.

LIGHTING Make sure there is enough lighting. There is nothing more frustrating that trying to scrap in the dark. If you don't think you have enough lighting, make sure you have outlets available and let people know they are welcome to bring their table lamps (if the venue allows it).

AMBIENCE I love Pandora. It is a phone app that allows you to play music for free. You can create a station by artiste, genre or song. My group ranges in age from their 20's to 50's so music preference varied. I created a Frank Sinatra station and everyone seemed pleased. I set it up away from all the scrap areas and played it loud enough to hear but low enough to not drown out any conversations. By setting it up away from the scrap area, you prevent it from blaring or becoming annoying to someone sitting by the speakers. Just think of going to a Mexican restaurant on a Saturday night trying to enjoy your meal with your loved one and the Mariachi band decides to play right next to you for the duration of your meal. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Mariachi music but I prefer it to be at least two tables away so that I can still enjoy conversation with my beloved. I wanted to make sure no one felt like they had a Mariachi band playing next to them all day.


DECOR As for any decorative item, well I'll leave this to your discretion. It is not necessary to decorate. Your guests are there to scrap. However, I have pinned hundreds of party decor ideas and I was dying to use some, so I did. But if it stresses you out, don't do it. I plan to do a few theme parties, Breakfast at Tiffany's (decor blue and white), Mad Hatters Tea Party (serve several types of tea), Christmas in July (yes I will decorate with Christmas items in July), Breast Friends (all pink for breast cancer awareness). Well you get the idea.
GAMES Games are always fun. You can play scrap bingo (create your own custom bingo cards at Print Bingo) and ask your guests to check off items as they use them throughout the day. This allows them to play a game but doesn't take them away from scrapping. This is the only game I play. It is just my preference. I didn't like participating in games while I scrapped. It was hard enough for me to get things done when all I wanted to do was talk to everyone. Adding another thing for me to do was a guarantee that I was not going to get any done.
TOOL STATION If you have tools that you are willing to share such as an embossing machine or die cut machine, you can set up a small work area with those tools. (This way your tools all stay in one area.)
DONATE TABLE: Invite people to bring things they don't use or want to get rid of and have a donation table. Encourage everyone to browse through those items and take what they want. At the end of the day, if any items are left on the table, pack them up and take them to a local church, nursing home, school or Goodwill.
ALCOHOL You can open this event to alcohol. I suggest cutting off the alcohol about two hours before the end of the crop and if there are children around, clearly mark the items that have alcohol.
CHILDREN Which brings me to the last option, children. Some people are SAHM (stay at home moms) and they see scrap time as mommy time. They prefer to scrap without children around. Or sometimes, the conversations among adult women can be inappropriate for young ears. I am not talking cursing or pornographic but the subject matter may not be well suited for young children. You know the people you are going to invite and their preferences. Some don't mind children and others will not come if there are children. Either way, I would make it clear on your invitation if children are allowed or not. Hopefully this will prevent any awkward moments of "Oh Jenny I see you brought your toddler Joey. I am sorry this is an adult only crop." or "Really? If I had known there would be children here, I would have stayed at home."

FOLLOW UP Okay you have decided on a date, scheduled the venue, sent out the invitations, rented the tables and have mentally laid out all the tables in your head. Hey, you may have even gone out of your way and have some ideas about decorating. Now you can sit back and rest until the day of the crop, right? No, no your job is not done. Follow up is very important especially if you planned the event far enough in advance so that people could clear their calendars or pencil your event into it. But remember, life goes on. People sleep, go to work, to school or both and they forget. And before you know it, you are the only one showing up at the event. You don't think it can happen? Trust me it does. It happened to me more than two times. Gone are the days when a person's RSVP "yes" meant they were guaranteed to show up. No, now a days that "yes" means that you have to remember to add them to the group email, phone list, Facebook reminder, whatever you use, to remind them of the event. I have taken reminding them a bit further. I drum up excitement about the upcoming crop by leaking small bits of information about the party once or twice a week. By doing this, they are more inclined to read the email since it doesn't just say "Reminder that the crop is on blah blah." No, each email offers different and exciting information and because of that, they are more willing to read it and remember the crop date and time. Ok, now you are prepared to host your first fantabulous scrapbook crop. Remember to have fun and relax. You are going to do a great job. And leave me a comment on how it went. I would love to know. And if you can think of anything I may have forgotten, please leave a comment also.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Where has the year gone?

Can you believe we are already at the first weekend of 2013? Where did the first few days of 2013 go? No, seriously, where did it go? It feels like just yesterday I was thinking, "Man, what am I going to do with 4 1/2 days off of work?" I started to make a list of projects that I was going to complete, the first one being....take the tree down. Well it's already the 4th, the holiday is over and the tree is still up and no projects we completed.

To make myself feel better, I am going to say I believe the decor should stay up until Three Kings Day (which is the 6th). Whew! Well that gives me until Sunday evening to take down the tree. Besides, my house seems so bare when I take down the decor. Let's face it, I feel confident in temporary decorating that lasts six weeks but when it comes to making decor decisions that should last for years....I'm paralyzed. So that is part of my paralysis by analysis.
Meanwhile, while I work on that, here a video on embossing. I love embossing on pages and cards. It allows you to add texture to a page or card, without adding bulk. I hope you enjoy. Comments are always welcome and subscribe to my channel by clicking the subscribe button.

Baby Album 2.0

My journey into the year of the babies began with a one year baby album. Now, I have made them before but they were mini albums that were based on a template I received in a class years ago. It was a class I took at Scrap-a-faire many moons ago. You can see my post here . I love making that book. Did it take time? Sure. Did like it? Yup. So why mess with changing it? Because I love a challenge. Well to be honest, I love a challenge when it is over. During the challenge, I whine, complain and think it is a mistake.

So for this album I decided to make a full size 12X12 album, two page spread per month and title page. Now this was for a math teacher so let's do the math, shall we? Rozette wants to make an album for her daughter's geometry teacher. She decides to make two pages per month and also a title page. How many layouts will Rozette make?

12 months X 2 layouts = 24 layouts 24 layouts +1 title page = 25 layouts in total

Really Rozette? You are going to do 25 layouts in one month. Are you crazy? Are you insane? Yes, yes I am. I didn't think of it in those terms. I think if I had, I would have never started and just bought a pack of cute boy themed onesies and called it a day.

So I decided to do 25 boy theme pages and use no bling or pink or ribbons (okay maybe just a little ribbon). Now this is hard for me. As you will discover, I love bling. I love sparkly things and all things pink. So I pretty much took on mission impossible with this album.

There were a few things I wanted to stay the same with this book that I used in the mini albums.
1) Make most of the picture spots 4X6 or 5X7. Non-scrappers can easily print pictures those two sizes at any drugstore.
2) Use three or four templates for the whole album
3) Leave journaling spots to mark down milestones

I am not a hoarder but I must admit, I rarely throw anything away from my scrapbook stash and I don't care if I haven't used if for stays. So I had these template creators that I bought from Walmart back in 2007. I was a new scrapbooker and needed guidance. I never used them but I kept them.

Thank goodness I kept them because they came in handy.

Once I had a few basic templates, I was able to repeat them three or four times. They were not all exactly alike but the templates served as a jumping off point for each page.

I used my Cricut for all the titles. I used Cricut Craft Room for the first time and I must say I was quite impressed. My only gripe is that I had to insert each cartridge into my Expression in order to cut. Years ago I bought a Gypsy because I didn't want to switch out cartridges and I didn't like want to be changed to a computer when I craft. I am on a computer all day and I just don't want to spend more time on it than I need to spend. But I must admit, for a computer based program, I was pretty happy.

Yes I will admit I have caved and I am just as crazy about banners as other scrappers. So I put a few in this one. The one over the picture placement is not glued down so that mommy can slip her picture on there. And remember I said I only put a little ribbon in the album? I just could not resist.

You see what I mean? It is too cute! So cute that I went back to Hobby Lobby and bought it in blue, pink and yellow. They also have little teddy bears that I used on the album. I adhered them with my Xyron small sticker maker. If you don't own one, I highly remcommend buying one with a 1/2 coupon from Michaels or Hobby Lobby. (FYI never pay more than 60% for anything at Hobby Lobby or Michaels.) Be patient, what you want will eventually come on sale 40% off or it won't be on sale and you can use your 40% coupon.

The last page I made was the first page, the title page. It was my first attempt at a banner title page. I got the idea from Kathryn from Life on the {Scrap}Beach. She made a baby mini album and she used banners for either the title page or for the card. I can't remember. I saw it on her Ustream channel. If you go to her blog you will see a link to her Ustream. And then you can spend a few days there because she does AMAZING work.

I used my cricut to cut the ltter, the scallops and the baby onesies.. Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tiffany's with a Twist

My beloved daughter turns sixteen this week. If you have a little one under the age of five and someone says to treasure this time while your little one is throwing a tantrum....heed those words. Time does fly by...really fast. It really seems like just yesterday I was droppping her off at kindergarten. I can still see her dragging this HUGE backpack on her back. She would have to lean forward and gain momentum to make it from the car door to the front door of the school. I tried buying her a new smaller one but she wouldn't have it. She refused to give up her big girl backpack for a baby one. Now we are counting down the days until she takes her first real step to independence by taking her driving test. Once she passes it, I will no longer have the privilege of taking her to school and watching her walk through those school doors. Yup, times are a changing.

And with change comes....Tiffany's. My daughter is a complicated child. She loves waterpolo because she loves the ability to kick and pull on all the other girls but she takes hours to do her hair and make up and has yet to reach 5 feet in height. She wears sweats and t-shirts to school but loves a great pair of stilettos on the weekend. (I don't think they are technically stilettos but they are really high.) She is so loud and has a laugh that can be heard from miles away...she stands out in her all boy engineering classes. The teacher teased her the first few weeks of class by stating she must of transposed some numbers when signing up for her sophomore classes because she is not the engineering type...that was until she maintained a 97 or higher average in the class. YOU GO GIRL!

So it was only appropriate to make her an invitation for her birthday party that was as paradoxical as she is. So I made her invitations Tiffany themed but with a twist.

Aren't they hilarious? When we came up with this idea, I couldn't wait to do them. They are very similar to the ones I made for my friend's wedding. You can see those here. Now I know quite a few mother's that will be appalled by the wording on this invitation but you have to know my daughter and our close relationship. She makes great grades, volunteers during the summer in the summer swim league. She is a dedicated athlete and has a big heart and wise advice for troubled teens. She shares their stories with me and the advice she gave or asks me for advice for them. When she is confused about a relationship with a boy or girl, she asks for help and looks for biblical truth to back up her final decision...she is a good kid...with a weird sense of these invitations speak volumes about her.

So we took a road trip to the Highlands area and went to The Paper Source for our supplies. Now if you don't have one near you, you can buy their items online. Thank goodness I took the 45 minute trip to the store because while there I found this unbelievable gift wrap to use for the liner.

I fell in LOVE with this paper. The picture above is a link to where you can purchase it. Let me just say, that I have not been asked to endorse this product...I just love it soo much that I have to share. The picture at the website does NOT do it justice, so I thought I would take a picture of it for you. No flash was used to take this picture. What you see is the light reflecting off the glitter from the small lamp that I have.

I think it goes well with the Tiffany theme. Liners dress up the envelope and this liner is like jewelry for the envelope. I wanted the recipient's of the invitation to experience the thrill of a Tiffany's box. Picture it. They open the Tiffany blue envelope and are greeted with the brilliance of a gem as light reflects off the thousand pieces of glitter. Then they are introduced to more brillance with the crystals I hotfixed to the front of the invitation. And of course, no Tiffany box would be complete without white ribbon. What do you think?

-5x7 cardstock in Pool from The Paper Source
-8.5 x 11 Text Paper in Pool
-8.5 x 11 Savoy Cotton Paper from The Paper Source
-Glitter gift wrap
-White ribbon from Wal-mart
-Hotfix rhinestones from Imaginisce and/or Jolee's

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Digital Studio

I have been playing around with My Digital Studio from Stampin' Up! I have to say I am really impressed. I am almost done with my Puerto Rico album. But you ever work so much on a project that you just have to take a break? Well that is me. I needed a break from my PR album and just have fun with MDS.

Well this past weekend I went to a Close To My Heart Party and bought a few things. I was looking through their catalog and I noticed a layout that I liked so I used to to make this layout in MDS. I am happy with the look of it, considering it is my first one a la carte. I need to play with it some more.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Paparrazi! Paparrazi!

Believe it or not I have been busy. A new year, a new...well, uh year. I am kidding. After my trip to Puerto Rico, I have decided that I need to take a class on photography. You see, last year my dear husband bought me a camera...a SLR camera. I wanted one for years and years and years. Then on a whim, he bought it for me. I was so excited...for two days. Then I was just scared of it.
I mean, sure I could shoot in manual mode but what good is an SLR if all you really are going to do is point and shoot? That was my delimma. When I used my P&S, I felt justified in just, well, pointing and shooting. But now I had as SLR and I just felt like a "fake" when I pulled it out to use it. It implied that I knew how to take a picture. And I don't. So instead of embracing my new camera, I just hid it away or asked my hubby to take pictures for me. Thank goodness, he loves photography as much as I do, because he loved taking pictures. But I was feeling left out.

Then I came across this class at TwoPeasinaBucket and it was for free! And you know how I love free. Ok, let me back up. I found the class about a year before I received my SLR (mental note: I really need to give her a name...well at least I have established it's gender). And after I found the class, I kept saying, under my breath, "Ya know, I really want to take this class but I don't have the right equipment...blah blah blah." So I get the camera and never take the class...until now.

I love the gals at 2peas message board. I love all the encouragement and everyone has great questions but most importantly, someone has the answer! So I thought I would share my pictures as I take the class.

Week 1 Aperture setting F-stop. Ok so this is what I remember. The smaller the F stop, the less that is in focus and the larger the F stop, the more that is in focus. But get this, the larger the F stop number the smaller the hole opening. Ok, now my head is spinning.

So the one above was done at a low F stop. My next was middle range so more is in focus.

Now at this point, it isn't about composition or lighting, just playing with your camera. Same as Week 2 (ISO and Shutter Speed). But Iwill post that tomorrow.

We are in the middle of week two so there is still time to join. Click HERE if you want to join. This is the 2peas photography forum.