Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Updating Cricut Firmware after CDS Update

It has come to my attention that when you update CDS, when you try to cut, CDS says you need to update firmware. So you do and guess what? It says to do it again and again and again. Well I hobbled upstairs to my craft room to test this myself and yup, you can't cut.

Fortunately, a Cricut Board member graciously called customer support and wrote down exactly what she needed to do to get her Cricut back up and running. So I did a brief video on doing the following steps:

  1. First thing is to go to your start menu click on my computer click on local disk c:
  2. click on program files click on cricut software
  3. click on cricut design studio click on firmware releases There will be about 5 or so files that come up -
  4. look for two files that say cricut v2_34.enc and cricut v2.benc
  5. For the one labeled cricut v2_34.enc right click and select rename.
  6. What you will do is add an a right after the 4 so it will look like this now cricut v2_34a.enc
  7. click away from that and right click on the next folder labeled cricut v2_34b.enc.
  8. right click and choose rename.
  9. What you do here is only REMOVE the b.
  10. Once you have done this open design studio and update your firmware and then all should be good to go.

I did a short video about me actually doing the steps above. My laptop runs on Vista 64bit.

I also opened up my SCAL2 and I was still able to cut files with it. wuu huu

Man going upstairs was such a tease. I wanted to stay up there and just craft away but alas, I had to come down stairs and sit on the couch and elevate my ankle.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Updates to Gypsy and Design Studio

I have a new video up about the updates for Design Studio and Gypsy. Very exciting. You can now transfer files between the two. Now I have played with it just a bit more. If you have a multipage DS file and transfer it to Gypsy, when you view your file on the Gypsy, all the cut files will show on one page.

My Youtube name is MuchAdoAboutInking....will change soon but that is what it is for now.

Happy Gypsying!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

OMG I did the Gypsy contest! Please vote

I can't believe I did the challenge. I entered two items into the challenge. After running my first 10K yesterday and being dog tired and injured ankle (I woke up with it swollen and not being able to put weight on it. Then I remember at noon today....the contest. I pulled myself up the stairs to my scraproom and got to work. It was good. I was able to work through more ideas for videos and I learned how to do other things on my Gypsy. On this layout I used Gypsy Wandering, Gypsy font and Joys of the Season.
Please vote for my layout CLICK HERE to vote. Thanks for all you kind words on my videos. I planned to do some this weekend but the 10K kicked my boody and then I spent all day today on the contest.
Oh and if you played in the contest, let me know.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

First Video Grouping with Gypsy

Hi Everyone. I have decided to start making Gypsy for Dummies Videos. My first ones are very basic. I am trying to keep them under 6 minutes because I know we are all busy and besides...too much information at once just means more information to forget. LOL So my first video is about Grouping. I hope you like it. I currently have 5 videos and you can see them by clicking them on the right.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Race for the Cure thank you cards

Did I mention I love my Gypsy? I made this card using my Gypsy and the George and Basic Shapes cartridge. I cannot take the credit for the shape. JenC, a wonderful member of the Cricut forum, created this cut. She did it on Design Studio. Because DS is not compatible with the Gypsy, I had to recreate the cut in my Gypsy. It took a while but it I like it and I learned a lot about my Gypsy. I used paper from Basic Grey's Valentine line from 2009. The ribbon is from Michael's and the beads are from Paper Studio.

If you want the cut file for Design Studio, go to Jen's blog. If you leave her a comment, she will email you the file. She has some really nice cut files. So grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy her blog.

On a side note: I am in the process of recording Gypsy videos for beginners. I should have them edit ted and up by this weekend.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Winter Woodland is ProvoCrafts 100th cartridge. To celebrate they are giving away 100 of this fabulous cartridge. All you have to do is go to the Cricut message board and reply to the "Cricut Celebrates Cartridge #100" in the Cricut chat forum. So go sign up and good luck!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

I love my Gypsy

I am so in love with my Gypsy! I am an SCAL user and I still love my SCAL. I had to use it this weekend to make my sign for the Race for the Cure board I made for our team. We had a fabulous time. If you want to know more about the race, go to SeeFluffyRun to get more details.
But at the end of Saturday I started to play with my Gypsy. I decided the best way to learn how to use my Gspot was to go to the Design Studio form at and see if I could recreate some of their designs. The above one is from LOLOGRL. She converted the Sizzix Scallop Favor Bag into a Design Studio cut. I then made it into a Gypsy cut. Eventually, you will be able to take DS cut files and convert them to Gypsy and vice versa. But until then I will play with them. Here is LOLOGRL's Blog. Thank you LOLOGRL!!!!