Friday, September 12, 2008

7:59 PM

Well Ike hasn't hit yet. We have had a pretty weird day. Nothing much going on but we are just in wait and see mode. This is how our day has gone:
8 am--wake up and like Christmas to the front room in anticipation...not for gifts but the most current news on the storm.
8:15 am We realize it has moved closer but we are now on the dirty side.
9:00 am See the 17 foot Seawall in Galveston disappear
12 noon See the small township next to ours underwater
2 pm Make sure all the clothes are washed....preparing for water to be shut down
3 pm cool down the house...feeling the house will lose electricity

Last run to store
Just waiting and see...taking baths in case we can't for a few days
Finishing up stuff for work...the rest of the world still revolves

My daughter's friends that stayed in Seabrook are updating with photos from our area...Toddville, the road into our neighborhood is under.

I have feeling my house is already gone.

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