Sunday, January 4, 2009

First Layout of the Year

I promised myself that I would do more scrapbooking this year than I did last year but that I would use my existing stash. {note to self: do a page on resolutions} I decided this year that I wasn't going to be bogged down with scrapping vs printing pictures. Ever since I started scrapping and taking digital picture, I have struggled with printing and sharing pictures. I love albums and I love going through them. I love sharing them with family when they come over. But since I started scrapping, I have felt limited when it comes to printing pictures. If I print it then I have to scrap it. But if I don't print it, then it stays forever hidden on my PC.

Well I read an article in SBE about scrapping/photo albums. The idea is to print your pictures and put them in a 12X12 album in refill pages that are divided into 4x6 slots. Then you scrap your favorite pictures from a certain time period or event and place them in protective sheets within the same album. So I printed about 115 pictures for December and I am going to scrap a few events (sister’s graduation, brother’s birthday, husband’s birthday, making tamales, Christmas Day and my birthday). So I am doing 7 LO’s and will use about 15 pictures but an additional 100 will be shared. I am excited about scrapping this way.

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