Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Updating Cricut Firmware after CDS Update

It has come to my attention that when you update CDS, when you try to cut, CDS says you need to update firmware. So you do and guess what? It says to do it again and again and again. Well I hobbled upstairs to my craft room to test this myself and yup, you can't cut.

Fortunately, a Cricut Board member graciously called customer support and wrote down exactly what she needed to do to get her Cricut back up and running. So I did a brief video on doing the following steps:

  1. First thing is to go to your start menu click on my computer click on local disk c:
  2. click on program files click on cricut software
  3. click on cricut design studio click on firmware releases There will be about 5 or so files that come up -
  4. look for two files that say cricut v2_34.enc and cricut v2.benc
  5. For the one labeled cricut v2_34.enc right click and select rename.
  6. What you will do is add an a right after the 4 so it will look like this now cricut v2_34a.enc
  7. click away from that and right click on the next folder labeled cricut v2_34b.enc.
  8. right click and choose rename.
  9. What you do here is only REMOVE the b.
  10. Once you have done this open design studio and update your firmware and then all should be good to go.

I did a short video about me actually doing the steps above. My laptop runs on Vista 64bit.

I also opened up my SCAL2 and I was still able to cut files with it. wuu huu

Man going upstairs was such a tease. I wanted to stay up there and just craft away but alas, I had to come down stairs and sit on the couch and elevate my ankle.


  1. I just wanted to say Thanks So Much! I really appreciate your help with this!

  2. I wanted to give you my thanks for posting this solution and for doing this video; it was of great help! thank you!

  3. I did not see a place to contact you, but wanted to ask you, i updated my DS it does not have the files you listed and says it is updated, do I have to connect it to my Cricut 1st and then they will be there, mine is v2.32
    just asking, and thanks for your videos!! my Gypsy is on the way and can't wait to get it!! your videos really help to understand it better

  4. is the post up to date...I still cannot cut with gypsy......and I did the procedure above...Jodi

  5. You should be able to cut as of the most recent update on 11/04/2009.