Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007 Christmas ornaments

I love Christmas!! Sometimes it is cooler in Houston, other times, well it is just less humid. but I love all the colors and how somehow the air feels with joy and giving. Since my little girl, Gabby, was in my tummy, we have bought an ornament each year. This is one of my favorites. We got this one when she was two and this is the first one she picked out. Which is just awesome because I love Mickey and Minnie. But as much as I love this one, I now have another favorite because of the story it tells.

You see, a few years ago, as a single mom, I bought a real inexpensive fake tree. I know...I are asking why? I don't know why but I did. In any case, this year I really wanted a real tree but my husband did not want to go buy one. And the truth be known, we didn't even put up our Christmas decorations until December 21st. So as we are pulling out the fake tree, that I have to fill with garland because it is so lean, I notice a funky smell. We stored it in the garage and it really smelled musty. I continue to complain about the smell and when my husband goes to the grocery store for a midnight run, I ask him to bring home a Pine smelling candle to help with the odor. After searching high and low at the store, the only thing he found was a car freshner, ironically shaped as a Christmas tree....come on...we have all seen them. Knowing that I really wanted a pine tree smell, he brings home the car freshner and hangs it on the tree. And by the way, it does not smell anything like a pine tree....just chemicals. Well we have a huge two story foyer and family game room, where my scrap room resides, is upstairs. And only God knows why, but that smell travels straight up to my scrap area.

But despite the horrid smell, I leave the car freshner on the tree. Why? Because it is a symbol of how much my husband loves me and what means he will do to make me happy. So the Christmas ornament for my husband and me for 2007? A car freshner, and I wouldn't change it for the world.

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