Sunday, December 30, 2007

VHS vs Beta

For those who are old enough...and you know who you are, remember when VCR's first came out? Those big bulky top loading machines that were going to change how we watched TV? Remember, the debate over which was better--Beta or VHS. To say the least, VHS won and all those mislead Beta people had to convert. Well at least until DVD came along.
Well I feel mislead. Some time ago I discovered Photobucket. I loved it. Even purchased more storage but as months went by....all I see are people with Flickr. For months, I have stood my ground and refused to view any Flickr sites but I soon discovered, everyone I knew that wanted to share pics were using it. And now I am trying to set up a slideshow on my blog and guess what? Flickr interface works but not the Photobucket. So, here I stand....defeated. I broke down and opened a Flickr if I can only get it to show the pictures that I want to show.

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