Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Bionic Woman

Do you remember the Bionic Woman ? Jamie Summers almost dies in a sky diving accident but the government saves her and makes her a spy. She has all these bionic parts. Well that is how I feel when I run. Here is my ritual. I strap on my Polar A5 chest band to track my heart rate. I strap to my left wrist, the Polar A5 watch that displays my heart rate, calories burned and minutes in the "zone". I then proceed to put my Nike+ sensor into my home made sensor holder on my left shoe. Then I get my Ipod Nano and place the remote sensor into the jack so that it can record my pace and my distance and give me verbal prompts like, "you have just completed twenty minutes" or "half way point, only 30 minutes to go." and finally "congratulations you just have completed your work out of 45 minutes, x amount of distance, average pace x". (you can see my recent distance and time in my Nike+ tag on the right.

So by the time I finish hooking up to all my gadgets...and yes if you have been reading my earlier blog posts, I have an ITouch and I just upgraded to an IPhone. But alas, while the ITouch, Gen 2, is compatible with the Nike+, the IPhone is not....go figure. Ok, where was I? Oh yes, by the time I hook up all my gadgets, I feel like the Bionic Woman. So when I work out I have to pull out my old Ipod Nano and use it to work out. My husband has my Itouch and I want him to feel like it is his, 100%. He always settles for less and for once I want him to have it all.

My wish, an Iphone that is compatible with Nike+ that is also compatible with a chest band to get precise reading of my average heart rate and total calories burned. Is that asking for too much? I only want to carry around one gadget. Oh, and if it could do the dishes and clean the kitty litter, well then I will divorce my husband and marry it. Just kidding.

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  1. Hi

    I was wondering what the "home made sensor holder" is. How did you make it? Does this mean one can just get a nike+ sensor and build this home made holder and use the ipod nano to get everything to work? If so, that would be really cool. Please let me know.