Friday, February 20, 2009

Thank God its Friday

Good Morning, Glory! I just had to share the surprise gift my husband gave me on Saturday. It is a Bromeliad. Gosh I hope I spelled that correctly because I am going to have to google it so that I will know how to care for it. I have to admit, receiving this gift was a shameful moment for me. I woke up early on Saturday for the Revolve Tour, but I was running late. I ran from our room to the bonus room to wake up the girls. I then grumbled at my husband for not waking me up earlier. ( I am deaf in one ear so sometimes I don't hear the alarm.) About 20 minutes into my putting on make up, my daughter comes into my bedroom and says, "Did you see the kitchen?" and I just rolled my eyes. I thought someone had made a mess. But to my surprise, I saw this big beautiful plant, a vase with roses and a card. I didn't have my glasses on earlier so I didn't see them the first time and I have to admit I was taking the time to see things but just do things.
Ever do that? Not take time to take in the scenery but just do the task? I feel that way sometimes when I am trying to capture a moment on camera but not taking time to actually enjoy the experience.

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