Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Merry Birthday to me!

So today is my birthday. I turned 40 today. wuu huu!! So to celebrate, I decided to start making my gifts to my Bible Study group. SHHHHH! Thank goodness they don't read my blog. We did the balls today from Christmas with the Cricut.

I didn't know how the Pledge works but apparently it comes very tacky and the glitter adheres to the sides of ball in the Pledge. I discover that you have to shake the ball really hard so that the glitter gets all over ball. Otherwise, it becomes a clump at the bottom of the ball. I also made a funnel to guide the glitter to the sides of the ball. I just took a piece of paper and made a cone and taped it. My bottles of glitter had really big tops so I couldn't pout them into the top of the ball as easily as they did on the video.

Now it is time to get my G out and make the initials


  1. Wishing you a very Happy 40th Birthday.
    I love the christmas ornaments you made, I'm sure your bible studies group will love them

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE!!! Wishing you the happiest b-day ever :)

    GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS ornaments! I really want to try these~can't find that wax here in Canada.....

    thanks for sharing the funnel tip....good idea! ;)


  3. Happy Birthday to you! Life starts getting better when you turn 40 - REALLY! Hope you have a great day!