Saturday, December 5, 2009

They are done!

I finally finished the ornaments for my Bible Study group. It feels odd calling them by that description. We have been meeting for 8 months and we really are friends now, that happen to do Bible Study together. I have been truly blessed.

Last year I bought tons of vinyl when I realized you can cut it on the Cricut. I rarely used it but since I bought it after Christmas, it was on clearance. I love these two vinyls, Coarse Brushed Gold and Coarse Brushed Cherry Red. I read the directions that came with the vinyl and it said to cut at blade depth of 6 with pressure of 2 but I found it did not cut deep enough. So I increased the depth to 3 and it was perfect. But you may want to test it first. My blade was not new but I don't think it was ready to be changed.

Now on to the shadow box. I got the ideas from both of the projects from Christmas with the Cricut gals. If you haven't visited their site, run now. It is full of ideas and they have give aways each week.


  1. I've been looking at doing this ornaments this year, and yours are absolutely beautiful. What cartridges did you use?