Saturday, January 16, 2010

It's all coming up blossoms...cherry blossoms that is

I was at the mall today and came across a wonderful outfit for my IPhone. Now you are probably wondering why I am blogging about my IPhone on my scrapping blog. Well it is because my IPhone is very much a part of my scrapping world.

You see, I save page sketches to it. I visit blogs and messageboards from it. I even store all my Cricut cartridge manuals on it. So it only stands to reason that it wears an outfit that compliments my Gypsy. When they finished dressing her, I showed the guys at the Zagg kiosk my Gypsy. They were in so much awe. They had no idea what it was but I saw the love in their eyes for her. They fell in love with her for her shear beauty.

If your mall doesn't have a kiosk, you can get them at And while you are at it, see about getting a franchise because they are busy all day long everyday. I have never seen so much action around a kiosk.

I am designing one for my laptop. I found another place to get a skin for it that is customizable. It is . I hope to have it before the Houston Swarm in February.

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