Sunday, January 24, 2010

Update for Gypsy dated 01/22/2010 work!

Hallelujah! Can i get an amen? I was on the infamous build 155 for the past few weeks. I missed the update to 158 that caused some new Gypsy owners to freeze up and send their Gypsies back to ProvoCraft. I believe it worked for all the existing users that stayed current on updating their Gypsies. But being stuck with build 155 has been frustrating to say the least.

I was in the middle of designing a 25 page album for a friend when I updated to 155. This album consisted of multiple multipage designs. To my dismay, build 155 broke the multipage feature. And I believe build 158 would have fixed it for me an not froze my G, it was pulled before I had a chance to download it.

So when PC sent out an update on a Friday afternoon, the beginning weekend of CHA, I was hesitant to do it. But someone said it worked for them. So I crossed my fingers and after a long day at a swim meet with my daughter, I decided to do the update. And it seems to have worked. I have not been able to cut a test file because we are at the final day of the swim meet and I won't be home until late this evening. But when I do a cut preview everything looks great. Even the preview of a multipage was bad on 155. My Gypsy is now on build 159. It did not give me the photo application that came with build 158. However, if you are currently on 158 and have the photo app. When you do your update, you will get build 160 and you will still have your photo app.


  1. LOVE the soft green background :) Very easy on the eyes to read your posts and it's so soothing!

    Hooray for your G working now!! woo hoo!!!

  2. I have the photo update and for the life of me I can't figure out what good it is at this stage. Yep, I can upload photos. And look at them. But that's all... Not seeing the usefulness.


  3. I like the green too and the cricut mat is a hoot and a half and very pretty with the flourishes.

    Is the welding feature working with the new update? I mean working like it's supposed to work lol.