Saturday, February 6, 2010

Flight of the Butterfly

Well the good news is that my laptop seems to be better except I can't print. So I have to take some time to do a whole system restore. Maybe I can do it sometime next week. The bad news is that I have only finished one more page in my baby album. I went to a crop this past weekend but I really never get much done. I talk too much.

So here are the pictures of the second page using the template I created on the Gypsy. Now these templates do not take any welding or fancy stuff on my Gypsy. Which just proves, if you don't feel you have a creative bone in your body, you still have many uses for the Gypsy. You can use it to create templates and then you just plug and play your images. You will notice the similarities between this page and the frog page.

It is pretty scary when you have enough scrapbook stuff in your arsenal that you can create an album. I think all I bought was solid cardstock for this project. I love pearls on pages, flowers and any kind of bling. But remember, I am trying to keep this one simple. So I found these tiny flowers at the back of a flower drawer. They are metallic and I think the colors go well with DCWV paper that I used from the Sweet pack. Oh and by the way, if you also digital scrap, DCVW has digitized their papers! You can get this digital pack here. I am really contemplating buying them. I do a little digital scrapping. I would love to do more.
So most of the Sweet paper will be covered because they are just photo placement holders but I just don't like putting blank boxes but that is just me. I placed a pearl in the middle of each flower. I was going to do small brads but to me, brads take so much longer than self adhesive pearls.

Because the page looked so bare to me, I decided to weld two swirls together from Home Decor cartridge and cut it out and used the negative as a template for the pearl placements for the flight of the butterfly. I had to be careful because sometimes the negative was not wide enough to fit the pearl through the cut so I had to gently pick up the template in one corner to place the pearl.

Because the spacing of the butterflies and the photos was different for each page, I had to make to separate templates. But it helps to have the flip feature on the Gypsy because I just flipped the first one and then did small manipulations to make it conform for the second butterfly. And yup, I did it all on the template I created for this series of pages. I love that I can reuse a template over and over again. Especially on album for a friend. I have a girl, so you can't ever have enough pearls, flowers and gems. So the next, and last, page using this template has crowns. I see lots of colored gems and jewels all over the page. I just need to find the time. This weekend our goal is to paint the guest bedroom, the hallway and the guest bathroom. So it doesn't look like any scrapping will be done this weekend. Oh and I have to finally put up the Christmas decorations that have taken over my dining room.


  1. I got your blog addy off Cricut Critters blog.
    Looking forward to peeking around. :)

    This is a sweet layout!

  2. Hello... new blogger from cricut critters. I lke your page. I just won those pearls from creating keepsake. Know I have a idea how display them in my scrap page.

  3. Just stopping to say Hi,from Tammy blog.(Creative Critter)Love the tiny flowers and how they go across both pages.Oh by the wayTammy say Hi!!!


  4. adorable. i just found your your work.


  5. Love this template dear. The butterfly is so cute and loved how you used the swirls as a negative template. Sorry that you couldn't make it to the swarm dear. Missed you. I have left some sunshine for you in my blog. Do collect the award and spread the love.

  6. you get one more award dear. Do stop by my blog

  7. The pearls add such a lovely sense of movement. I too have given you an award lol.

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  9. 人自幼就應該通過完美的教育,去建立一種好的習慣。 ..................................................