Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tuesday Treats is Open!

I am so excited! Tuesday Treats is open for business! And this weeks treat is amazing! Mya did a great job on her video and project. If you want to see a pro in action, hop on over to TuesdayTreats. Each Tuesday there will be a new designer sharing their talent.

On a sad note, my laptop is sick. :( I am online daily with tech support for windows vista. But I can't seem to get my print drivers back or do updates. So I am suppose to do an inplace update or something like that, however my DVD drive won't read. So half way through it and I can't do anything more about it until I hear back from tech support. I honestly don't think I am suppose to be on it right now but oh well. I just can't upload any new pics or things until I hear from them. Which is a bummer because I want to share the pages I have completed on my baby album.

As soon as I can figure out how to upload files to share and as soon as laptop is better, I will work on sharing some of my files. I promise.

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  1. Dear Rozetta, I have just found your blog and have read all your entries. The story of your Christmas tree was so moving and reminds us of what is really important. However after reading your entry about Erica, I just had to drop you a line. I read out loud your words to my husband, and broke down. I was so moved by what you had written and just to say, Erica will live on through me as will yourself. Thank you for your gracious, thoughtful and moving words. GOD is LOVE