Thursday, October 28, 2010

Weekly Challenge Circle Blog

So I have a million things to do before my walk and my trip to Puerto Rico. But I can't keep away from the Weekly Challenges at the Cricut Circle Blog. This week's challenge was to use at least two cuts, must be an original project (not something you made before)and must use some transparent element.

I used a window from Christmas Noel. I cut it in shadow, regular and blackout. I actually cut the transparency in blackout and sandwiched it between two regular cuts. I took this and put it on the shadow, done in black and then pop dotted the whole thing on a white blackout. On the white black out, I used my cuttlebug to give it a look of wallpaper then added a table and chandelier from French Manor. You can't see it (bad placement on my part) but I used yellow stickles on the chandelier for the I wish you could see it.

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  1. I like the window. I always wanted to live in PR. My dream place minus the Hurricanes, LoL. I love the language, people, culture, temperature, scenery. You'd think I'd been there, no. LoL. I'll get there and probably freak out because I'll realize I'm on an island and surrounded by water and I can't swim. I'll get over it as soon as I see the men & the food. LoL.